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How many acres of ginger do you think will make a fortune this year? No, No!
With the advent of solar terms, the new year ginger planting season is gradually going on, at this stage many ginger farmers have completed the planting task, some are still in progress. Many aspects of investigation and understanding, ging
Tell me about ginger production areas.
Recently, both ginger and turmeric, the market is in an adjustment period, about the fluctuation has been in the past article said many times, today will not repeat. As a ginger man, he may know the ginger trade very well, but he doesnt see
How can we get ginger money?
As farmers how to deal with the next market? Orderly shipping the first step, the rise is not sold, the fall is not panic. China Ginger Network understands that farmers always want to wait for higher prices (the harder the price rises, the
Looking back at ginger 1993-2018
Recently, Liuxiang suddenly wanted to know the historical quotations of ginger. On the one hand, Liuxiang hoped to find out the current market position from the historical quotations. On the other hand, Liuxiang wanted to have a holistic un
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