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How many acres of ginger do you think will make a fortune this year? No, No!

Part of the article:unknown Popularity: Publication time:2019-03-03 14:18
With the advent of solar terms, the new year ginger planting season is gradually going on, at this stage many ginger farmers have completed the planting task, some are still in progress.
Many aspects of investigation and understanding, ginger farmers around the desire to expand, especially in the peripheral new production areas to expand the scope of larger.
With the busy farming of Changyi, Qingzhou, Laizhou and other farmers coming to an end, the "front row" of ginger cultivation was basically completed in 2018.
Initial survey is as follows:
Changyi: The peak period of new ginger planting was about 2 weeks ago. Most ginger farmers have basically completed the new ginger planting except for some farmers whose ginger shed was destroyed by gale and later planting. Due to the limited area available, ginger farmers are highly motivated to plant ginger, but the overall increase in area is limited compared with last year.
Qingzhou: From the year after the ginger seed trading enthusiasm can be felt, Jiang Nong for 2018 full of expectations of ginger. With the end of the new ginger planting, it is confirmed that the area of new ginger grows significantly.
Pingdu producing area: The new planting of ginger is still continuing, although the final area is uncertain, but the conservative estimated area also increased over last year.
Laizhou production area: new ginger planting late sweep, as a new production area, area development is rapid, and in recent two years the price has repeatedly hit new highs, farmers still have a higher enthusiasm for planting, this year the area of new ginger greatly expanded..
Anqiu area: under cultivation.
Rushan production area: local planting is also basically over.
Tangshan: It's about a week before the local ginger planting is over, but according to China Ginger. com, ginger cleaning once accounted for 90% of the total ginger planting transactions during the ginger planting trade. This shows that the local farmers are very enthusiastic about new ginger planting this year, and the expansion of ginger planting is inevitable.
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