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Ginger diet taboo!
Ginger is a commonly used ingredient in our cooking, and ginger has a stomach-strengthening effect, that is to say, ginger can help us enhance appetite, but ginger has a health-preserving effect, but I still have a lot of food taboos when e
Potato cultivation techniques
Potato cultivation techniques Field management Potato plants are divided into aboveground and underground parts, the aboveground part of the stems, pinnate compound leaves, buds and fruits; the underground part of the stems, roots, stolons
Potato growth habit
Growth cycle 1. dormancy period After harvesting, potato can not germinate for a long time in a suitable germinating environment. It belongs to physiological natural dormancy and is an adaptability to adverse environment. Tuber dormancy beg
Ginger is a perennial plant whose roots are used to produce ginger condiments, taro flour (a starch) and turmeric. Traditional Chinese medicine has used ginger for the treatment of indigestion, vomiting and cough for thousands of years. Ind
How do you manage ginger in June when it's hot and rainy?
After June, Ginger grew well as a whole, but I still found some minor management problems to share with you. Continuous high temperature, many ginger shed from 11:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. are more than 35 degrees, here I still want to remind Ji
Is your ginger sick after high temperature after rain?
In the recent production of ginger, we found that the phenomenon of baking seedlings, there are still some individual, and there are other diseases. Recently, due to unstable weather, the temperature of ginger leaves rose quickly after rain
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