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Is your ginger not growing well?
Since May, the temperature has risen rapidly, the growth rate of ginger is also fast, and there are more problems. Next, we will share our suggestions according to the recent problems of ginger. First, the emergence is uneven. Recently, man
Storage of pests and pests in ginger
Ginger prices fell, many of them did not want to sell, began to choose to store ginger. However, according to previous yearsexperience, there are many diseases and insect pests in Ginger during storage, if not controlled in time, it will ca
The latest method of high yield ginger cultivation
Ginger is a typical warm and shade-tolerant vegetable, rhizome growth period requires a lower night temperature, daytime temperature should be about 22-25 degrees, night temperature should be controlled at about 18 degrees. If the temperatu
Recently, ginger pests are high. How to prevent and cure them?
Recently, the majority of Jiang You reaction, this years pests and diseases are more serious than in previous years, for the recent high incidence of diseases, we here to introduce to you, and say about the general control methods, control
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