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How can we get ginger money?

Part of the article:unknown Popularity: Publication time:2018-08-30 08:27
As farmers how to deal with the next market?
Orderly shipping the first step, the rise is not sold, the fall is not panic. China Ginger Network understands that farmers always want to wait for higher prices (the harder the price rises, the heavier the mentality). As a result, they wait until the price of ginger begins to fall. Some farmers will hesitate to sell, while others will start selling, not only miss the good time to sell, but also make people regretful.
The second step is to sell the problem ginger in an orderly manner. According to a survey conducted by China Ginger Network, the number of potential diseases in ginger will be higher in 2017 than in previous years. Therefore, Jiang Net analysts warn to find and deal with the problem ginger in time to avoid the influence of the problem ginger on the storage conditions of the pit ginger, and remember that "good goods always sell better than inferior goods" and keep good stock. There will be a bigger winning rate for the latter market.
Orderly sale of third steps, sold in batches, to increase the average selling price. Ginger is sold to the highest price, and 9 or more of it is luck. As a farmer divides the source of goods into different batches to sell, China Ginger Net believes that whether it is rising or falling years, the risk will be spread out, the benefits are considerable.