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Storage of pests and pests in ginger

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Ginger prices fell, many of them did not want to sell, began to choose to store ginger. However, according to previous years'experience, there are many diseases and insect pests in Ginger during storage, if not controlled in time, it will cause a lot of losses.
Blast is an important disease in ginger storage. It is a kind of infectious storage disease. Once it is suitable for storage, it begins to contagious and spread. The dark ginger and dark shape of the sick ginger are darker and darker. The darker the color, the heavier the disease. Control method: after harvesting, it should first be exposed to sunlight for 1~2 days, killing germs and drying the epidermis. Let ginger evaporate some moisture, in case of excessive heat and decay after entering the cellar. During storage, should be checked at any time, found that the timely clearance of the disease, so as not to infect. Ginger is strictly removed before storage.
The fungus disease appears a layer of black patch or rotten skin on the surface of ginger, which is especially easy to occur when the tuber is injured and the environment is suitable. Prevention and cure method: do well the disinfection of storage pits in advance. At present, the commonly used disinfection methods are smoking and pit spraying a certain amount of quicklime two methods, simple and easy, the effect is very good.
Insect pests are mainly heterotypic mosquitoes, and mosquitoes are the main pests of ginger during storage. It was found that due to the hasty harvesting of ginger by farmers, some of the residual soil on the surface of ginger could carry the ectomorphic mushroom mosquito. In addition, the backward way of entering the pit and the simple way of storing the ginger made the occurrence of heteromorphic ophthalmic fungus more serious in the pit. In the pit, because the temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees centigrade all year round, it is suitable for the occurrence of heteromorphic ophthalmic mushroom. Its larvae bite the ginger, which leads to the rot of the affected part and the loss of commercial value.
To prevent and control ophthalmic mosquitoes, first of all, it is necessary to find and eradicate the plants harmed by ophthalmic mosquitoes in the field in time to avoid taking them into the pit when harvested; second, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning and spraying disinfection of the pit in advance. Avermectin 1.8% EC can be mixed with 15 kg water, evenly sprayed on the fine sand and wall in the pit, wet can be. In addition, we should pay attention to the arrangement of the cellar in the ginger block, with a layer of ginger and a layer of fine sand. Three, when the ginger block is in the cellar, the pit should be sealed to prevent the adult from flying into the egg.