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Is your ginger not growing well?

Part of the article:unknown Popularity: Publication time:2018-08-30 08:28
Since May, the temperature has risen rapidly, the growth rate of ginger is also fast, and there are more problems. Next, we will share our suggestions according to the recent problems of ginger.
First, the emergence is uneven.
Recently, many farmers reacted that ginger in the small arch shed has been planted for more than 20 days, and still has not emerged. Pick up the soil and have a look, there is a rotten ginger buds, most of the buds did not emerge long and thin, most of the existence of ginger small ginger seeds. Next, analyze the reasons for this situation:
1, the germination of buds not sprouting, the temperature during germination is not well controlled.
2. The ginger mother of ginger is weak, which can provide little nutrients for ginger seedlings.
3, weather factors, the temperature in April this year is lower than in previous years, and the strong wind cooling. Some peasant households planted early, and the cold shed or the arch shed film was broken by the gale, which caused the ginger bud to be damaged by the cold and the growth rate was very slow. In order to catch up with the farmers, some farmers planted ginger in April under the condition of cooling, the same ginger also suffered cold damage, resulting in slow growth of ginger buds.
4. The thickness of the soil is thicker. In this case, the respiration of ginger is weak, and its growth is slow.
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