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The latest method of high yield ginger cultivation

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Ginger is a typical warm and shade-tolerant vegetable, rhizome growth period requires a lower night temperature, daytime temperature should be about 22-25 degrees, night temperature should be controlled at about 18 degrees. If the temperature is below 15 degrees, it will affect the growth of plants and cause the plants to stop growing.
Soil selection: ginger is most suitable for cultivation in deep soil, with soft and fertile soil and abundant organic matter. In sandy soil with good ventilation and drainage, soil moisture should be maintained at about 80% - 90%, soil water shortage will cause plant wilting and poor growth.
How to effectively fertilize ginger?
The growth of ginger can be divided into germination stage, seedling stage, vigorous growth stage and rhizome dormancy stage. These stages, according to the different needs of ginger growth period farmers can be appropriate and timely nutrient supplement, which can better promote ginger growth.
The application of basal fertilizer is the key: before the application of basal fertilizer, it is necessary to row ginger seeds and cover a thin layer of soil on the ginger. Each mu is covered with ginger with high quality organic fertilizer. Or we can ditch the base fertilizer, use ammonium sulfate about 15 kg per mu, and 50-100 kg of ash. Sowing on the south side of Shi Yu Gou can be carried out.
Raise fertilizer: when the seedling height is 14-16 centimeters, catch up with the seeding fertilizer, use 10 kilograms of ammonium sulfate per mu.
Topdressing: When the seedling height is about 35 cm, the plant has 1-2 branches, 15-18 kg compound fertilizer per mu.
The vigorous growth period: the most critical fertilization, this time in the north side of ginger ditch, ditch depth about 5 cm, 15 kg per mu of potassium sulfate or organic fertilizer 700-1000 kg.
Growers in the cultivation process must be reasonable planting, scientific fertilization, so that ginger planting good harvest is no problem.