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Is your ginger sick after high temperature after rain?

Part of the article:unknown Popularity: Publication time:2018-08-30 08:27
In the recent production of ginger, we found that the phenomenon of baking seedlings, there are still some individual, and there are other diseases.
Recently, due to unstable weather, the temperature of ginger leaves rose quickly after rainy weather, and the ginger leaves were tender, which caused the ginger leaves not to be burned by sunlight. The burned leaves provide favorable conditions for anthrax after high humidity in the rain. Now I would like to share with you the methods of prevention and control against anthrax.
This disease endangering leaves. Most of the lesions appeared on the tip or edge of the leaves, and the lesions were waterlogged brown spots at first, then extended to oval or fusiform brown spots downward and inward. The speckle is obvious or not obvious. Several plaques become plaques and leaves become brown and dry.
Prevention and treatment methods:
1, nurture strong seedlings and avoid prolonged growth. Timely supplement of chitin and trace elements to prevent sunburn.
2, timely drainage after rain to prevent moisture loss caused by moisture retention.
3, 32.5% of azoxime 1500 times, or 25% of cyano amine 1000-1500 times, 66% two cyanoanthraquinone 1500 times spray.
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