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Ginger diet taboo!

Part of the article:unknown Popularity: Publication time:2018-08-30 08:28
Ginger is a commonly used ingredient in our cooking, and ginger has a stomach-strengthening effect, that is to say, ginger can help us enhance appetite, but ginger has a health-preserving effect, but I still have a lot of food taboos when eating ginger, we will tell you about ginger food taboos. Avoid it.
1. do not peel. Some people prefer ginger to peeling, which does not give full play to ginger. After fresh ginger is washed, cut and slice.
2. Ginger should not be eaten for a long time for those who belong to yin deficiency and fire, red-eyed internal fever, or suffer from carbuncle, pneumonia, lung abscess, tuberculosis, gastric ulcer, cholecystitis, pyelonephritis, diabetes mellitus and hemorrhoids.
3. From the point of view of treatment, ginger brown sugar water is only suitable for patients with stomach cold and fever after wind-cold cold or rain. It can not be used for patients with heat-stroke cold or wind-heat cold, nor can it be used for the treatment of heat stroke. Fresh ginger juice can be used to treat vomiting caused by cold, and it is not suitable for other types of vomiting.
4. don't eat rotten ginger. Decay of ginger will produce a very toxic substance, can cause degeneration and necrosis of liver cells, liver cancer, esophageal cancer and so on. The saying "rotten ginger is not bad" is unscientific.
5. eating ginger is not always better. Summer hot weather, people tend to dry mouth, thirst, sore throat, sweat, ginger pungent warm, is a hot food, according to the "hot cold" principle, should not eat more. When cooking or making soup, put a few slices of ginger.
If you want to eat ginger better, then we need to know more about the above mentioned food taboos for ginger before eating, only in this way can we make the ginger we eat have a certain effect.
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