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Ginger is a perennial plant whose roots are used to produce ginger condiments, taro flour (a starch) and turmeric. Traditional Chinese medicine has used ginger for the treatment of indigestion, vomiting and cough for thousands of years. India medicine thinks ginger is very effective in reducing inflammation. Ginger is effective on the digestive system of the body, it can enhance the digestive muscle, protect the stomach from alcohol or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on its stimulation. Parents often use ginger beer for their children to relieve their stomachache. Although people do not know how ginger controls nausea, they all know that it can relieve vomiting.
Ginger has a special spicy taste and aroma, in addition to containing gingerone, gingerol and gingerol, but also contains protein, sugar, crude fiber, fat and rich iron salt. Consumption is mainly seasoning, while cold vegetables often add ginger to relieve cold. Ginger can also be used as raw material to produce a series of health condiments, such as ginger oil, ginger crystal, preserved ginger, ginger powder, ginger juice, ginger dew, etc. Ginger is also an important medicinal herb. It has the functions of dispelling cold, sweating, suppressing vomiting, dispelling wind, resolving phlegm and strengthening stomach. It also has the functions of promoting blood circulation, stimulating cerebral cortex, inhibiting abnormal fermentation in intestine and promoting gas excretion.